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Oud Fragrance Oil (1 Litre)

Oud Fragrance Oil (1 Litre)

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Oud Fragrance Oil

A rare and luxurious fragrance with heady top notes of Black Agarwood, Rosewood, & Smoky wood, Warm & Sensual Middle notes of Sandalwood & Amber. A Lingering finish of Musk & Vanilla for that ultimate luxurious atmosphere.

How to use:

  • Floor Mopping:Pour 15ml in one bucket of clean water and mop floor morning & evening floors as usual.
  • Aroma Burners:Strength of the fragrance oil depends on the amount of oil used and the strength of the fragrance oil used.
  • Electric Mist Machine:Add a few drops of oil to an electric mist machine to create a powerful opulent oud-scented palatial fragrance in your own home.

Net Weight: 1000 ml (0.0338 fl. oz) Fragrance: OUD Product Code: TFP 4OUD


  • Creates a luxurious and inviting atmosphere
  • Has a rich and complex aroma
  • Is known for its therapeutic properties, such as its ability to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways

Order your bottle of Oud Fragrance Oil today and experience the ultimate luxury!

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