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Lemon Grass Fragrance Oil (1 Litre)

Lemon Grass Fragrance Oil (1 Litre)

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The lemongrass Fragrance Oil by "" has the perfect scent to make your mood refreshing and energizing. The crisp and lemony scent has been known to reduce stress, clear mind and raise energy levels.

How to use?

  1. Floor Mopping - Pour 15ml in one bucket clean water and mop floor morning & evening floors as usual .
  2. Aroma Burners – Strength of the fragrance oil depends on the amount of oil used and the strength of the fragrance oil used.
  3. DIY Surface Cleaner - Mix 100ml witch hazel to 20 drops of Lemon Grass Fragrance Oil in a spray bottle. Shake well before use.

Net Weight:- 1000 ml (0.0338 fl.oz)

Fragrance:- Lemon Grass

Product Code:- TFP 3NC LG

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